Antagnod – Pian Pera – Barmasc + Tunnels – Col De Joux – Extrepieraz – Pracharbon – Periasc – Champoluc

DISTANCE: 30,8 km
D+: 1586 mt
INFO: From Antagnod reach Barmasc and continue up to meet the Ru (channel). Pass a bridge and continue for about 10 mins. Walk your bike for 15 min down a path and start 14 tunnels (YOU WILL NEED A TORCH).
Continue till the end of the tunnels and start a great single track down to Extrepieraz. Bike back up in the forest up to Champoluc.

Tournalin – Cime Bianche

D+: 2396 mt

INFO: Extreme tour bringing you up to Rifugio Tournalin, from there you will need to carry your bike for about 1 km to the top on a pretty steep path. After that great fun all the way down to Cheneil. A traverse starts from there heading to Cime Bianche